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Jon Bruhm April 10, 2003, 2:20 PM
Alright, instead of posting the entire CKDU chart this week, I'll just say that in their third week on the charts, The Ditchpigs are still up there, this week at #9. (Last week, #4; the week before, #5)
Moral of the story: Make sure to get copies of your CDs to campus radio stations in cities where you have a fanbase, and make sure to notify your fans/friends that your CD is in the New Releases section at the station so that they can call up and request it.

Don L April 9, 2003, 7:22 PM
For anyone looking for Past Events...here you go!

Past Events

Don L

Ray13 April 8, 2003, 10:38 PM
Hey folks!

Please check out Greg MacPhearson on Wednesday night @ The Paramount. Great singer-songwriter on the G-7 label out of Winnipeg. Opening are The Frenetics and Sixty Stories.


Elmer J Budd April 7, 2003, 10:42 AM

This is a 9 piece band hailing from Montreal and are landing in Moncton nearing the end of a lengthy tour which included a three night stand in Chicago and four nights in New York. Once rejuvinated by ending the North American tour with three nights in Montreal the band then embarks on a 25 date run through Europe. Take the opportunity to see these guys while in our own backyard.

the following is a brief description of what we all can expect:

"godspeed you black emperor! are a group with so many members that they spilled right off the stage into the audience, and that didn't include the person in charge of film loops. they didn't so much play songs as create an all-engulfing mood that seemed to capture the collective imagination of everyone in the venue, rooting them to the spot, unable to move. sounding like the bastard child of rachel's and mogwai, their music started off slowly with strings and built adding guitars, bass and drums until the walls were shaking with the joyous noise produced. a near-religious experience, and hands down the highlight of the festival."

This is sure to be an exciting event. Please come out and support some of these larger diverse acts that the oxygen have been doing so well at attracting for the city, it would be a welcomed regular occurance for us all. theNEWDEAL was a huge success and it was nice to see a 'real' lightshow in that room! Thx to all who came out.

Peace, Elmer

Pak April 6, 2003, 3:39 AM
This Just In!!!

Sour Grapes is once again complete!!

Sour Dean takes over on guitar for the Grapes.

A few more jams and we'll be seeing you soon MoFos!!!

popalain April 5, 2003, 1:12 PM
An article has been recently published in Mount Allison University's newspaper, The Argosy, regarding the state of the music scene in Sackville, N.B.

'The Decline of a Prosperous Scene?' by Kyle Cunjak.

I found a lot of parallels between their theories about Sackville's scene and Moncton's scene. Its good readin', check it out!


Jon Bruhm April 3, 2003, 3:24 PM
This might not really qualify as news, but I just want to see Levandier blush and call me an asshole again...

CKDU 97.5 FM Chart
March 24 - 30, 2003
1. Dig Your Roots (compilation)
2. The Clap
3. System Of A Down
4. The Ditchpigs
5. Cat Power
6. Les Tabernacles
7. Holly Andruchuk
8. Tyler Messick
9. Ben Harper
10. Common

Jon Bruhm March 28, 2003, 5:57 PM
CKDU 97.5 FM Chart
March 17 - 23, 2003
1. The Clap
2. Les Tabernacles
3. Cat Power
4. Holly Andruchuk
5. The Ditchpigs
6. Tyler Messick
7. System Of A Down
8. Tangiers
9. Made In The World
10. The New Breed

Don L March 27, 2003, 7:49 PM
Halifax Invading Moncton tonight?
It seems that the entire Halifax crew is coming..but Jon posted at 7:42 PM...

can they make it in time??

Will we ever know??

Will this be one amazing show??


I hope to see ALL of you out tonight @ Doc Dylans...and yes this warrants a NEWS post!!


Jon Bruhm March 27, 2003, 7:42 PM
Last second road trip:
Me + Pineau + Shane Kerr of the Epworth band...his car broke down so we're heading up to deliver you guys a bass player! Come on out to Doc Dylan's to see if we made it in time, and to see a fuckin' wicked show by Feedback Scars, Heimlich, and the mighty Jon Epworth!!!

Fri, Apr 11 
Ashley MacIsaac @ The Oxygen 19+
Fri, Apr 11 
The Jimmy Swift Band @ The Paramount Lounge. 6$
Fri, Apr 11 
Hubsonic @ The Right Spot - 19 +
Fri, Apr 11 
Yelo Molo @ L'Osmose
Sat, Apr 12 
Mudslide @ The Right Spot - 19 +
Sun, Apr 13 
The Datson Four (Montreal) with The Organizers (Saint-John) and Mario Poupette & The Chevettes @ the Paramount Lounge 19+
Wed, Apr 16 
Ermine & Contrived (Halifax)& Blinded (Kamloops, BC) @ The Paramount - 19+ $5.00
Thu, Apr 17 
HOPEw/Fear Of Lipstick @Doc Dylan's
Thu, Apr 17 
Fat Jeebus @ The Paramount - 19+
Fri, Apr 18 
Jimmy Ford @ The Right Spot - 19 +
Sat, Apr 19 
Curious Blue @ The Right Spot - 19 +
Sun, Apr 20 
The Free Maracas w/Test Tone Channel@ The Right Spot - 19 + $5.00
Sun, Apr 20 
ROLLER (From:ENGLAND) @ The Paramount Lounge 5$ 19+
Wed, Apr 23 
ADHDw/?others TBA @ The Paramount - 19 + $5.00
Thu, Apr 24 
The Feedback Scars with Panda Go Panda @ The Paramount - 19+ $5
Thu, Apr 24 
In-Flight Safety w/Test Tone Channel @ Doc Dylan's, 19+
Fri, Apr 25 
The Hot Tamales @ The Right Spot - 19 +
Sat, Apr 26 
Triple X @ The Right Spot - 19 +
Sun, Apr 27 
Moncton Locals Presents: ALL AGES EVENT #1 Subliminal / Iron Giant / Heimlich / Fear of Lipstick @ Global Festival Hall(Westmorland St)- $5.00 - 2:00PM
Wed, Apr 30 
Nero @ The Paramount Lounge 5$
Thu, May 1 
Ted Nealey Beard @ The Paramount Lounge 5$-19+
Fri, May 2 
Audiofront @ The Right Spot - 19 +
Sat, May 3 
Cactus Tung w/ Big Bang Theory @ The Right Spot - 19 +
Thu, May 8 
One Candle Power (Montreal) & Heimlich @ Doc Dylan's, 19+
Thu, May 8 
The Barriomatic Trust@ The Paramount Lounge 5$ 19+
Fri, May 9 
The Candidates (Ontario) and The Mean w/ DJ Bones @ The Paramount Lounge 5$ 19+
Thu, May 15 
Tala @ The Paramount Lounge 5$-19+
Thu, May 15 
Purple Knight w/ The Feedback Scars @ Doc Dylan's 19+
Fri, May 16 
Gentleman Reg and The Peter Parkers The Paramount Lounge 5$ 19+
Sun, May 18 
Human @ The Paramount Lounge 5$ - 19+
Sun, May 18 
Moncton Locals Presents: ALL AGES EVENT #2Hope / The Ditchpigs / The Mean / and 1 more! @ Global Festival Hall(Westmorland St)- $5.00 - 2:00PM
Wed, May 21 
And The Saga Continues/Hand of Death @ The Paramount Lounge 5$ 19+
Thu, May 22 
In Flight Safety@ Doc Dylan's - 19 +

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